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We are Located At:

5590 Finch Avenue East
Unit 4 Toronto, Ontario,
M1B 1T1, Canada.  

Tel: 416.291.1942
Fax: 416.291.8387  
Toll free phone: 1.800.268.5573  
Toll free fax: 1.800.668.9314   
Email info@exactapunch.com


Tel; 514.333.0146
Fax; 514.333.0147
Toll free phone; 1.800.361.6810

Email: info@exactapunch.com

Providing custom-tooling solutions to all industries:

Punches & Dies for all Piercing Systems Press Brake Dies & Shear Blades


The merger will result in enhanced product offerings, expanded manufacturing capabilities and even more robust customer service.

WHITE BEAR LAKE, MINN. (November 2, 2010) – Wilson Tool International today announced that it has acquired Exacta Precision and Exacta FabTool of Toronto, Canada. Like Wilson Tool, Exacta has been a supplier of high-quality tooling for the fabrication and stamping industries since the mid-1960’s.

“The merger of these great family-owned companies represents a strong step forward for our organizations,” said Brian Robinson, CEO of Wilson Enterprises. “Each company will immediately enhance their product offerings and geographical coverage, which, in the end, is great news for our customers across North America and beyond.”

The addition of these strong Canadian manufacturing organizations continues to extend Wilson Tool’s increasing global manufacturing capabilities. By expanding manufacturing operations in the USA, England, China and now Canada, Wilson Tool is better able to serve its growing customer base around the world.

There will be no immediate change in operations for the companies. However, as the integration process moves forward, both Exacta and Wilson Tool customers will benefit greatly from the increased availability of existing product lines each manufacturer brings to the table as well as additional product lines to be made available soon. With the combination of the two sales forces, customers of both companies will also experience enhanced customer service and support.

About Wilson Tool
Since 1966, Wilson Tool International® (www.wilsontool.com) has been a leading provider of tooling solutions that enhance the performance of sheet metal fabricating machinery worldwide. Wilson Tool is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of tooling systems for punch presses, press brakes and punch and die components for the stamping industry. Products are manufactured at the company’s world headquarters in White Bear Lake, Minn., USA, at their European facility in Swindon, England, and their site in Shanghai, China, which serves a growing customer base in that region. Wilson Tool’s network of sales engineers and international distributors operate in virtually every industrialized nation around the globe.

About Exacta Precision
Founded in 1967, Exacta Precision Products (www.exactapunch.com) manufactures all types of punches and dies, both standard and special shapes, for the metal stamping and fabrication industries worldwide.. Exacta FabTool (www.exactafabtool.com) has been manufacturing conventional press brake tooling for over 25 years and is also located in the Toronto area.

Exacta manufactures and stocks large inventories of Standard Punches and Dies and has the capabilities to produce large or small quantities of Custom Machined and/or Precision Ground Parts. (see About Exacta).

Our products distributed worldwide through a network of experienced tooling distributors or by direct contact with us. (see Distributors).

Sending drawings for quotation via Fax or Email:

Fax: (416) 291-8387 * Email: info@exactapunch.com